A piece of candy to keep nerves at bay

Candy Wrappers

October was a beautiful month. I continue to enjoy meeting with Sister Marie on the weekends and catching up on how our weeks have gone.

Three weeks ago we did our interview. Both of us were nervous about it. My main concern was making sure that all of the equipment worked correctly. I am a people person and am not the greatest with technology. Thankfully, a fellow student worker came with to assist me during the interview and everything seemed to work properly. 

Sister Marie had assumed that both of us would appear in the interview and seemed a bit nervous when I told her that only she would be filmed. She did a great job. I thought it was cute when she showed me a small piece of candy that she had been holding during the interview. She kept twisting the two ends of the wrapper, I assume, to keep calm.

After the interview she treated us to coffee and hot chocolate at the small cafe in her building. It was very generous of her and I felt it was a nice way to wrap up our afternoon together. The three of us enjoyed having the opportunity to just chat and enjoy a warm drink.

I am looking forward to meeting with Sister Marie tomorrow and catching up.

Kristina Tiedeman

About Kristina Tiedeman

Kristina Tiedeman is a junior majoring in public health and pre-occupational therapy at St. Catherine University. She hopes to become an occupational therapist or a licensed clinical social worker. She is passionate about helping those in her community. She has been tutoring in various urban elementary schools for the past three years and has also volunteered at various organizations in the Twin Cities. When not studying or working, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling and hiking. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Marie Fujan, OSB; a sister at St. Paul’s Monastery.