Thank a Nun: Sister Mary Frances, BVM

Sister Mary Frances, BVM, instilled in me a love of Shakespeare, which has has remained with me through my 60s. I can still recite the Macbeth soliloquy she made us memorize as freshmen: "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day...." -Virginia Pfeiffer Wilson (Somerville, MA)

Garrett Tiedemann

About Garrett Tiedemann

Garrett Tiedemann is a radio producer, journalist, filmmaker and composer. In addition to being Media Director at SisterStory he works for American Public Media covering the breadth and depth of composed music for YourClassical and Classical Minnesota Public Radio while also producing films, music videos, music and the podcast The White Whale via his production company CyNar Pictures. As a freelancer he has lent production and compositional approaches to the podcasts Vanishing Ink, The Organist, Here Be Monsters, ARRVLS, Life of the Law, and Top Score.