A Small World

I had the privilege to meet Sister Barb Thomalla late one evening in front of the bookstore on Saint Kate’s campus. Dressed simply in a T-shirt and pants, Sister Barb echoed her religious vows even without a habit. Only a small cross necklace spoke to her community tie. Both of us having had a long day already, it was nice to sit and chat with a friendly face.

Even from this first encounter, I can tell that Sister Barb is a hardworking and dedicated woman. Small world as it is, I found out she knows my grandmother! Such a connection opened the door to other shared interests. Having a theology minor, I am very interested in my faith and the spiritual life, as is she. We were therefore able to discuss and share various Scripture stories we found striking.

As it was already late and Sister was heading out on vacation the next morning, we called it a night after about an hour. Nonetheless, I feel honored she took the time out of her busy schedule to meet me before leaving on a trip and look forward to continuing our conversation upon her return.

Ali Thames

About Ali Thames

Ali Thames is a graduate student at St. Catherine University. She has a BA in biochemistry and is working towards a masters in education in order to teach both biology and chemistry at the high school level. She enjoys drawing and currently volunteers at “The Landing”, a bird sanctuary. She has two birds of her own, a cockatiel and a sun conure. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Barbara Thomalla, OSM; a Servant of Mary.