Jersey girls

When I was finally able to meet with Sister Eleanor, I was extremely excited. After our meeting, I discovered that she and I are similar but different. For starters, Sister Eleanor’s baptismal name is Eleanor but her religious name was Sister Daniel Anne. Anne is the nickname all my friends from America call me because they usually cannot pronounce my first name.

We were both born in New Jersey. Sister Eleanor -- or as I like to call her, Sister El -- was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I was born in Hoboken, but I now live in Cliffside Park. So we are both Jersey Girls.

Sister El and I come from two different religious background. She is Catholic (Dominican Sister), while I am Muslim. One important thing we have in common is that we both are very intrigued by each other’s religions. This past summer summer, I visited my family’s native land of Palestine. When I told Sister El about my trip, she was so interested to learn more about it, and it brought us closer.

Sister El graduated from the current university which I attend. She received her degree in education. She was a teacher for a while and then got promoted to principal.

Sister El has an enduring passion for education. I believe it is the educator who makes the human. People like Sister El are the reason why I want to become a doctor. If it was not for educators, we would not have lawyers, doctors, engineers, other teachers and beyond. Educators lay the foundation for success.

Teachers inspire me to go after my dreams. Sister El did not just influence her students; she has also influenced me to pursue my goals.

Sister El taught young children most of her life, and when I grow up I want to save young children from illnesses.

About Anwar Khalil

Anwar Khalil is a second semester sophomore at Caldwell University. She is going for a biology degree and a minor in Chemistry. She aspires to be Pediatric Oncologist. After her third year, she will apply to Medical Schools. At Caldwell University, she is part of the Health profession club, math club and Circle K. She is also a member of the Day Ambassador Program. During her free time, she loves volunteering and giving back to the underprivileged. During the Spring of 2018 she was paired with Sister Eleanor Uhl, OP; a Dominican Sister of Caldwell.