We are in this together

Sister Mary Kay is an amazing human being. I truly appreciate learning her story and learning from her life.

She is an incredible educator with a heart for students; she believes everyone possesses within them what they need to learn and grow. She is also a highly educated theologian and spiritual director.

However, in all her sharing I was particularly struck by the gratitude in her eyes and her deep love for her family  – the Dominican Sisters at Marywood. Her description of the strengths of her congregation and what she learned from them over all these years were a wonderful reminder of the extended family that community becomes as you work and live among others. I really liked when she explained that, yes, parents and friends are great at pointing out our strengths, but once you develop into an adult, you need your community, your diverse group to help shape you and prod you to continue to grow.

At the core of the Catholic Church and from my theology classes, it is quite dear to me, this reminder that in life we cannot do it alone, that we are in this together as a community, as one. I think the Dominican Sisters represent just that, and in Sister Mary Kay’s voice it’s even more beautiful to understand.

About Rosa Lozano

Rosa Lozano is a junior majoring in Communication with a minor in Theology and Women’s Studies at Aquinas College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has worked as a community organizer in urban communities helping to connect families and children with educational opportunities. Because of this she hopes to be able to help share the stories of resiliency, faith and commitment of those individuals who are seldom asked about their journey. During the Spring of 2019 she was paired with Sister Mary Kay Oosdyke, OP; a Grand Rapids Dominican Sister.