A thousand words

The other day Sister Susie had me over at her apartment to look through photos to pick out for our SisterStory presentation. I must say, Sister Susie is incredibly photogenic and there is no bad photo of her! She had a whole dresser filled with pictures, not to mention that she also has numerous pictures on display throughout her apartment. 

Sister Susie and I looked through old pictures for hours, and it was so much fun. She had pictures of her parents when they were younger and was telling me all about their lives. It was interesting for me to hear these stories because it gave me a new perspective on how hard it was to actually grow up during those tough times. There were endless pictures of Sister Susie and her siblings. Since Sister Susie was the youngest of three, I was able to see her family grow up through pictures and learn about the different journeys each has taken. 

My favorite pictures were the ones of Abaco, Bahamas,where Sister Susie taught for some time. There were snapshots of the beach, the students, Dr. Susie and her friends. These were truly beautiful images. Sister Susie had told me stories about her time there and seeing pictures to visualize those stories was incredible.

As we went through more and more pictures, I realized that Sister Susie loves to travel. I saw pictures of her in New Mexico, Italy, on cruises and much more.

Going through these pictures with Sister Susie has definitely been one of the highlights of my experience with SisterStory because it allowed me to dive right into her life and see what she did firsthand. 

About Kelsey Marren

Kelsey Marren is a Junior at Caldwell University. She plans on graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Psychology along with an endorsement as a Teacher of Students with Disabilities. On campus, she is a member of numerous clubs and organizations including Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, Rotoract club, psychology club, marketing club, and the Caldwell University Education Association. She has been elected to the Psi Chi, Kappa Delta Epsilon, and Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Societies. Off campus, she is a CCD teacher where she teaches religious education to confirmation students. After graduation, she plans on teaching students with special needs and continuing her education to pursue a Doctorate in Education. During the Spring of 2018 she was paired with Sister Suzie Janis, OP; a Dominican Sister of Caldwell.