Thank a Nun: St. Benedict's Monastery

There are so many sisters who have impacted my life. They all happen to be from St. Benedict's monastery in St. Joseph, MN. The three who stand out as women who became my mother when I needed one most are Sisters Jacquelyn Dubay, Beth Pankake, Mary Anthony Wagoner. Each of these women has nurtured me in her unique and creative way. Thanks goes to Lois Wedl who is like an older sister to me. We have had a strong bond despite distance and time. There are so many others who are dear to me - Clement and Ancille who were my piano teachers, Johanna who was one of my art professors, Remberta and Paschal gave me a love of little growing things- Urban whom I loved and respected and with whom I shared my dreams. Linnea who opened worlds of words and Mirella who was larger than life. Finally my dearest friend and peer - Galen Martini. What a joy it is to have had a friend I can tell ANYTHING for almost 50 years. Thank you Galen! -Pat Pickett

Garrett Tiedemann

About Garrett Tiedemann

Garrett Tiedemann is a radio producer, journalist, filmmaker and composer. In addition to being Media Director at SisterStory he works for American Public Media covering the breadth and depth of composed music for YourClassical and Classical Minnesota Public Radio while also producing films, music videos, music and the podcast The White Whale via his production company CyNar Pictures. As a freelancer he has lent production and compositional approaches to the podcasts Vanishing Ink, The Organist, Here Be Monsters, ARRVLS, Life of the Law, and Top Score.