'Spiritual DNA'


Anxious energy had me up early as I prepared to meet the sisters and the other students participating in this amazing opportunity to be involved with the oral history project SisterStory.  Our first encounter started by celebrating Mass in the Annunciation Chapel. The chapel was sparsely decorated, but its simplicity was peace inspiring.  

We soon changed gears as we made our way to the convent’s dining room. As I sat enjoying the delicious meal, the clattering of utensils and the chattering of friends filled the room and I wondered about the joys and the sorrows, the fears and the courage, and the failures and accomplishments of the women religious in the room.  I thought about how many books and how many subjects could be written with just the knowledge in this simple, unassuming dining room.

At this point we, the students, were not aware which of the sisters each of us would get to know intimately, so the anticipation was high. As we transitioned from the dining room to the meeting room, we walked through a maze of corridors within the convent, ending at a comfortable, spacious living area. I automatically felt at home even though the sisters were on one side of the cozy sitting area and the students were on the other. I wanted to chuckle since both sides were probably nervous, a nervousness which would quickly fade after praying together the Act of Abandonment to Divine Providence, a prayer by Father John Martin Moye. 

After a brief introduction, the sisters were asked to state what they hoped to gain from this project.  The sisters are hoping that by using this storytelling platform they will be able to share with others what the Providence Charism is, what it means and what it has done for them and those they serve.  Sister Joyce provided the best one line that sealed my interest in wanting to know more when she said, “The same spiritual DNA that ran in the original founders also runs in my DNA.”

Wait! What? Tell me more…

Stay tuned!

Janie Ramos Martinez

About Janie Ramos Martinez

Janie Ramos Martinez is a nontraditional transfer student with an associate of art degree and is currently a junior majoring in social work at Our Lady of the Lake University. An important motivation in obtaining her bachelor's and master’s degree in social work are her two boys, Andrew and Aidan. Janie is a university tour guide, attends the Providence Leadership Program and sits on The Year of Consecrated Life Committee at St. Bonaventure Parish. She attends Entrusted and develops her passion for community organizing by participating in C.O.P.S/Metro Alliance. Providence continues to weave her current activities into a beautiful tapestry that she can use with SisterStory as she learns more about the brave, courageous, and faithful women who trust in Providence. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Misty Garriga, CDP; a Sister of the Congregation of Divine Providence.