Sister's Abounding Grance

Today I went to the Nun’s Life podcast with my sister and I can confidently say I have never met a group of women who are more beautiful than these sisters I have encounter in this last month. Perhaps these women don't fit societies’ idea of beauty, but they are so beautiful. Each sister I have met has been full of joy and wisdom. Not only do these sisters have beautiful smiles but more importantly they have beautiful minds! As I watched the podcast live today I was in awe of the humility and grace these women display. Sister Kathy was responding to a woman's question on how to feel closer to God in the midst of her daily hectic life. As a woman how does not have children I hold mothers in very high esteem because they have one of the most difficult jobs on earth, raising people. Sister Kathy's response, in my opinion, demonstrated a kind of grace and admiration for mothers that I can only hope to emulate. Simply listening to her respond to the question filled me with a sense of freedom from the mundane things in life that often get in the way and I don't even have kids to worry about! I hope that woman felt the same kind of freedom.

Each time I listen to the sisters speak I am more inspired to live a full life.

Alicia Beyer

About Alicia Beyer

Alicia Beyer is a graduate of St. Catherine University. She is from White Bear Lake, MN, loves bike riding and coffee, and dreams of a life of traveling the world meeting new people. During the Spring of 2014 she was paired with Sister Joan Mitchell, CSJ; a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet. After completing her work as an oral historian she continued to work for SisterStory as a production assistant producing the podcast Here's My Secret, chronicling the many perspectives of participating students from 2015-2016, while sound designing and mixing the podcast Curve Riders.