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In this episode, Rocky announces the fourth season of Set Apart. She introduces the subjects and highlights the topics covered in the upcoming installments.

For three seasons, Set Apart has been an evolving collection of stories, sharing the experiences of women religious. In the beginning, the series focused on the experiences of women religious with the habit. In season one, Lilly Jacobson shared the stories of women religious as told in a class held by the St Kate’s fashion department. In the second season, I tried to follow a similar model. I traveled around the Twin Cities talking to women religious about their experiences with the habit. And, assembled them to share the challenges, the positives, and the little known facts about the habit and the lives of the women who wore them. In series three I shifted gears and redesigned my framework. I broadened my conversation and focus of the series to examine a much broader view of what it is to be set apart as a woman religious. I shared moments from the oral history project in which sisters talked about their discernment, ministry, passions, challenges, and most gratifying work. Sometime the habit came up, and sometimes it didn’t. The sisters featured in series three were from across the US. Some of them were even missionaries from in the US from other countries. They were of all ages, all backgrounds and upbringings, and all communities. Some in habit and others not. Their stories were inspiring, and not one of them was at all like the others.

Now, as we enter series four, I want to continue down the path I started by sharing the stories of sisters from across the country of varying communities that have not yet have their stories captured.

PaYing Vang and I have been conducting interviews for both the SisterStory Presents: and the Be Inspired series. We have interviewed a lot of sisters. Inspired by their work and their energy, I’ve asked some of them to speak with me again to talk with me about their experiences as a woman religious for this series of Set Apart. And, I’m really excited to share their stories.


[on the phone] It’s going to be good.

Sister Renita Brummer, OSF:
Yes, yes. I think so.

I enjoy doing it. It’s really quite a remarkable and inspirational experience to get to talk to all of these different women religious and hear their stories.

Sr Rentia:
Yes. And, you have the range of so many of us don’t you?

Oh, my goodness. Yes. There are so many sisters from so many different communities. And, that’s kind of been the cool thing about National Catholic Sisters Week. Now that my co-worker and I are interviewing everybody from across the country, we’re getting to experience a much wider experience of sisterhood. Before, we were kind of limited to here in Minnesota. Within Minnesota there’s a really rich history for sisters, but nationally even more so.

Sr Renita:
Exactly. And, some groups are very very large and have the international connections. There is just such a diversity amoung us. I think it is just like a beautiful garden and you can’t say, “the rose is better than the petunia,” or, “the dandelion is a weed.” Each community’s charism and mission reflects some dimension of God, and you are trying to get that word out to everybody.

Yeah. Exactly.

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About Set Apart

Set Apart is a series that talks about the things that set Catholic sisters apart, talking about the habit, the vows, ministry, and mission. The first season was produce by Lily Jacobson and is now produced by Rocky Pierson.