Picture book

Today I looked at photo albums.

No matter your age, photo albums are always a trip down memory lane. They are a preservation of an instant, a moment of time, posed or candid. A multitude of dots will eventually form a line -- two, three, 10, a hundred photos tell a story.

Sister Alice is a woman who is incredibly devoted to her family. On the mantle of her humble living room, family photos are carefully arranged -- her parents' wedding, she and her sister and mother, her nephews and nieces and grand-nephews and nieces. One of the first things she shared with me was pictures of her family, preening like a proud grandmother. It paints a warm picture.

About Lynve Laurard

Lynve Laurard is a sophomore attending Caldwell University; she plans to graduate in 2020 with a B.S. in health science and a minor in chemistry and public health education. She is a member of the Black Student Union and the Caldwell University Wind Ensemble. She is also a creative writer who enjoys writing short stories and speculative fiction. In the future, she will be a doctor and open a free clinic for underserved populations. During the spring of 2018, she was partnered with Sister Alice Uhl, OP; a Dominican Sister of Caldwell.