"What does ice cream and popcorn have to do with vocation?" Sister Vicky's favorite part about being a sister was her way into community and how they asked her to be a part of the world with them. "One of my favorite parts is just getting to know sisters."


"Oh absolute favorite part. [laughs] Well when I first visited the convent one of the sisters said to me 'Oh you like ice cream, that's a sign of vocation.' The next night we were having popcorn and one of the other old nuns said, I mean just really elderly people, said 'Oh you've got a hearty appetite for popcorn. That's a sure sign of vocation.' [laughs] I'm like what does ice cream and popcorn have to do with vocation I don't know. I think what they were trying to say is, you seem relaxed, you seem at home, you seem like you fit in with us, and you seem like your gifts match with us, and we like your energy, and we would like it if you would be an everyday part of this community. One of my favorite parts is getting to know sisters and getting to know myself in that process too, kind of coming home to myself in many ways. In settling down and making a vocation choice I started to flourish, I started to become myself and to be ok with who I am."

Helen Garcia

About Helen Garcia

Helen Garcia majored in social work at St. Catherine University. She has a passion for social justice and movement in communities. In the future she hopes to work in policy and create changes to the system. During the Spring of 2014 she was paired with Sister Vicky Larson, PBVM; a Sister of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After completing her work as an oral historian she continued with SisterStory first as a production assistant and then oral history program assistant helping oversee the archive's development.