Now & then

This past week, the Caldwell University community celebrated National Catholic Sisters Week, which was a week filled with different events to recognize the lives of the women religious, including our Sisters of St. Dominic.

One of the events was Dinner With the Sisters, which was held in St. Catherine’s Convent. This event was a great opportunity for students from Caldwell University to meet some of the Dominican sisters and get to know more about their lives. I was able to see Sister Elaine, the sister with whom I am paired, and to spend time with her. My friend who is also doing the SisterStory program and the sister she is paired with were also both there, so we were all able to spend time together!

Through Sister Elaine and Sister Susie, we were able to meet more of the Sisters of St. Dominic. We all had a great time sharing a meal together, and the sisters were very eager to learn more about us and what life at Caldwell University is like. Many of the sisters we met were actually graduates of Caldwell University, so it was fascinating to hear how different the school was when they attended and to compare their stories with life at Caldwell today.

At the conclusion of the event, Sister Susie even gave me a tour of the convent, which was so nice to see.

I am very grateful I was able to attend this event. It is important to celebrate the lives of the Sisters of St. Dominic, especially since they were the founders of Caldwell University. It was surprising to see how much the sisters have in common with the students. Everyone had a great time and I would definitely go again!

About Jacqueline Marcinczyk

Jackie Marcinczyk is a junior at Caldwell University. She is studying Business Administration with a minor in Criminal Justice and hopes to attend law school after graduating from Caldwell University. Jackie participates in a variety of extracurricular activities on campus, and enjoys being an involved member of her sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon. Jackie looks forward to participating in the SisterStory project. During the Spring of 2018 she was paired with Sister Elaine Keenan, OP; a Dominican Sister of Caldwell.