#NCSW2018 Mini-Grant Launch (and we moved!)

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In this episode of SisterStory Presents: our Site Director Molly Hazelton launches the #NCSW2018 mini-grant campaign and fills everyone in on a big change in the National Catholic Sisters Week office. For more information about the mini-grant program visit National Catholic Sisters Week.

Molly Hazelton:
As of today, September 1st, we will be headquartered at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, the Minneapolis Campus. 

So, the #NCSW2018 mini-grant application will be up on our website on September 1st and we will be accepting applications the 1st through the beginning of November. This year we're awarding over $85,000 in mini-grant funds in increments up to and usually not exceeding $1,000 and as in all past years the point of the mini-grants is to help folks to have a National Catholic Sisters event if finances are a barrier.

We fund events of all different sizes and types and we're really looking for events that honor the legacy of women religious and the good work they continue to do in our communities today. This is open to anybody. We really are looking for events that, if this is your first time planning an event certainly something that suits your ocmmunity, but especially for folks who are returning grant applicants, we're really encouraging you to go deep. So, if you had an ice cream social last year, that's really wonderful. If you want to do an ice cream social again this year, how can it go deeper?

National Catholic Sisters Week runs every year from March 8th through the 14th. Every year we get questions, and every year people are not sure; sometimes National Catholic Sisters Week starts on a Tuesday, but the reason why it starts on March 8th is because that coincides with International Women's Day. And so, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation in giving us the directive to start National Catholic Sisters Week really wanted it to start on National Women's Day. So, we always starts on March 8th and we always runs through the 14th. 

One of the challenges of Women's History Month is that, especially for folks who are in the college or university setting, Spring Break usually happens through there. And so, although we encourage your events to be held March 8th through the 14th, we do understand that your students may all be off at Spring Break or something else might be planned and so if you have an event that we are interested in funding and it can't be held during March 8th through the 14th, we are willing to extend the dates.

But, we kind of limit it to March right?

We do, yep. So, we are looking to fund events in March, but rest assured if there is a snow storm we are flexible.

Most importantly, for our folks who will be applying for mini-grants, be sure to double check the address. Please use our brand new address at Saint Mary's. It is on the mini-grant application, which is currently available on our website. The easiest way is to e-mail your application to us and that's contact@nationalcatholicsistersweek.org because that's the easiest way to get in touch with us, but if you are going to mail in your mini-grant application please be sure that you double check the address and that you are sending it to us at Saint Mary's. 

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