A Great Match

I was raised Roman Catholic and grew up going to Mass every weekend. 

Even though I was raised Catholic, I was not sure what to expect as I drove towards Sister Marie's home. We had sisters at the church I attended growing up, but I never spoke to them.  

Thankfully, the first time I met Sister Marie went well. We get along very well and we both love to talk. The first time we met, I walked into the doors and a short, smiling, gray haired woman greeted me and introduced herself as Sister Marie. After introducing herself she proudly took me on a tour of Saint Therese, a gorgeous senior-living community where Sister Marie works and lives. It was so heartwarming to see how involved she is with the Saint Therese community. Almost every time a resident passed by, we would have to stop and chat for a few minutes. After spending just 20 minutes with her, I could tell how much she enjoys her work and cares about her fellow residents.

 After the tour, we went to her office in back of the chapel and sat down to chat. As soon as I sat down and started talking with Sister Marie, I knew that we were a great match.  She is nice to talk to and is so friendly. I lived five blocks from Saint Therese growing up and am very familiar with the area. I am glad we both have knowledge of the community. Sister Marie is also a Katie and graduated with a degree in home economics. 

We spent the first afternoon together introducing ourselves. I was surprised when she shared with me that she really did not plan on becoming a sister in high school. When I was in high school I had considered being a nun. I just assumed that most women who become sisters know they want to do that from very early on in life. To my surprise, she told me she was already signed up to go to St. Ben's with some friends. She then explained why she switched her plans and how happy she has been being a sister. I liked listening to her tell her story. I find other people's life stories to be fascinating.

For the past month, Sister Marie and I have met on Saturday afternoons. I really look forward to our Saturday meetings. There is a large pond that we have walked around once, and I am hoping that we can walk tomorrow if the weather is nice. It is nice to be able to share how our weeks have went and learn more about each other every week. In a couple weeks her community is having an arts-and-crafts fair and we both are looking forward to it. I love that she is comfortable telling me about different events coming up at Saint Therese. I am hoping that some time this month, we can meet at St.Kate's so I can show her around campus. I am a tour guide at St. Kate's and think that she would love to hear all the different stories about Mother Antonia and the history of the school. The campus also looks a lot different now compared with when she attended.

We both are looking forward to and are preparing for her big interview.

Kristina Tiedeman

About Kristina Tiedeman

Kristina Tiedeman is a junior majoring in public health and pre-occupational therapy at St. Catherine University. She hopes to become an occupational therapist or a licensed clinical social worker. She is passionate about helping those in her community. She has been tutoring in various urban elementary schools for the past three years and has also volunteered at various organizations in the Twin Cities. When not studying or working, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling and hiking. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Marie Fujan, OSB; a sister at St. Paul’s Monastery.