In The First Meeting

I meet Sister Kathy McLaughlin for the first time. That morning I meet her in her apartment in Carondelet Village right next to campus.

I arrived at Carondelet 10 minutes before I was supposed to meet her and I only knew her room number. I was sure glad I gave myself that leeway because I hate being late and I managed to get myself lost looking for her apartment. When I finally managed to navigate the third floor and reached her room I was just on time and a little frazzled, but still very excited. Sister Kathy opened the door and was ready to get right down to meeting each other.

She first introduced me to her roommate and excitedly showed me around her apartment. I had taken a tour of the village during orientation and was still in awe of how wonderful it is, and seeing the apartment only reinforced my previous thoughts of it. Kathy was still excited too. There seems to be a great sense of pride and gratefulness all of the sisters living at the Carondelet Village share.

As she guided me through her apartment I learned that she and I already shared some interests and hobbies. In fact I got quite a kick out of her sunroom. Her sunroom is completely dedicated to beading. There were organized and carefully planned out projects, beads, and tools all throughout. It was wonderful and exciting because I am also a crafty person, and I love to bead. Crafting was a subject that fueled conversation for this and a few different meetings we had together. 

Besides crafts we also talked about her career. I was lucky enough to get assigned to a sister that I had already heard speak at a Saturday Salon the weekend before getting assigned. So I already knew she was a teacher, but I was curious what else she had done and what she was most excited about in her work.

After talking about it for an hour, I learned that she taught nearly every age group and despite being retired still does so through presentations and speeches. She is also part of various groups and activities put on at Carondelet. Sister Kathy has also held various positions within the church and had a lot of intriguing things to say about women in the church.

What was the most clear after our first meeting is that sister Kathy is a very strong, influential and loving woman. These are traits that I expected, to be honest, but were displayed in unique and much stronger ways than I’d imagined.

Rocky Pierson

About Rocky Pierson

Rocky Pierson is majoring in electronic media at St. Catherine University. She has been technical director for CTV productions of Roseville Area Youth Hockey Association games, as well as, the sound engineer for mainstage play productions put on at Roseville Area High School. In the future she plans to keep working in the field of media production. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Katherine McLaughlin, CSJ; a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet. After completing her work as an oral historian she continued to work for SisterStory as a lead production assistant, helping the team produce video and audio content while also taking over production of Set Apart and creating the podcast Interpreting Sisterhood.