First Christmases

In this episode Sr Mary Soher, OP - Co-Executive Director of the Hilton Sisters Project and Adrian Dominican Sister for 15 years - shares a brief story of her first Christmas in community and how it helped shape and define friendships and traditions for the coming years.

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Now, when you go on a road trip, it's either the destination or the journey right? And, it helps if everybody in the car is on the same page.

This episode features Sister Mary Soher, OP. Co-Executive Director of the Hilton Sisters Project and Adrian Dominican Sister for 15 years. With the Christmas holiday upon as she wished to share a brief moment of joy and celebration shared in her journey as a sister.

One of the fun things about living in community with sisters is you, especially if it's a community that you're creating for the first year, you sort of start to develop your own customs. When I was living down in Miami, with Sister Sarah and Sister Arlene...Miami is a great place, especially in winter time because you can enjoy all those outside winter lights and not have to have sixteen laers of clothing on or worry about ice. So, one of the things we did the first year was, we were at Barry University and they have a Christmas Eve mass and we all went to that and enjoyed it. Then afterwards came back to the house with friends and continued to celebrate Christmas. Most people were gone by about 10:30 at night and it was such a beautiful night, clear skies, bright stars, we thought "let's drive around and look at Christmas lights". So, about 10:30/11 at night the three of us got in a car and just drove around the neighborhood and just so enjoyed all the different lights and decorations. We had Christmas music on in the car and when we got back afterwards we thought "that was a lot of fun" and then for the next five years that became another tradition that we did on Christmas eve together as community.

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