Curve Riders 2018

After a year long haitus, Curve Riders is announcing it's return! The first episode of the new season will drop during National Catholic Sisters Week 2018!

Pa Ying Vang:
Since joining Curve Riders as a producer, I relied heavily on the internet for stories of women religious and the wonderful works that they do. While the world wide web is a space for everything, it was and still is not the best place to look for untold stories of women religious. As a result, the team and I decided to put a hold on releasing new episodes.

What began as a space created to highlight the stories of women religious turned into a paraphrasing podcast. The stories that I found on the world wide web began to thin out and I had trouble finding stories that had enough context for me to create a podcast about it. So I decided to take a step back and give myself more time to really focus on the research to allow for a more thorough understanding of the importance of these stories.

After a year long hiatus, one that allowed me to relearn why these stories are so important to the human race, I am excited to announce that Curve Riders will be back with a new season! We will be dropping the new episode during National Catholic Sisters Week 2018. We will return to our normal bi-weekly releases. I have a lot of new and interesting stories that I cannot wait for you all to hear so please look out for the season!


For more information on celebrating National Catholic Sisters Week 2018 please visit:

About Curve Riders

Curve Riders is a short narrative podcast of women who didn't make the history books. Produced by Pa Ying Vang; the series presents achievements and cultural impacts of women religious. Inspired by SisterStory's coverage "Sisters of Influence" on pinterest the podcast aims to present these stories anew with an emphasis on storytelling through writing, sound design, and music. The podcast was created by Alexa Harnagel who produced it in 2015 with subsequent production also handled by EJ La Valle and Maakwe Cumanzala.