'Almost unbelievable' to interview a Catholic sister

I am an international student from Poland, and before I came to Minnesota, I knew I would have to have a job on campus, however, I did not expect to work as an oral historian! I like history, but I have never expected to be working as a historian, and especially that I would have to interview a Catholic sister. It is something almost unbelievable to do in Poland, and I was a little scared at the beginning.

But when I met Sister Suzanne, I thought to myself that this is not going to be as hard as I thought.

The first meeting with my boss and all the other people working on this project was overwhelming. It was my second week in Minnesota, third in the U.S., and I had this weird feeling that I would not manage to do any of the things that were expected.

When I went back to my room and started looking on the Internet about this program, I felt excitement. Of course, there was this tiny feeling of doubt -- am I really able to do that? There will be thousands of people watching my work! Then I remembered this saying that you have to catch the bull by its horns and do things that you thought are almost impossible. I am a person who, when given the opportunity, uses all that is in her power to make the best of the experience. I fought very hard to get the scholarship and study here, and I will definitely not stop just at it. This is a great opportunity for me to get to know more people, interesting people and learn how to talk with them. Since my major is psychology this is a great occasion for me to practice my people skills.

When I met Sister Suzanne, it was like a destiny. She is one of the nicest and most interesting people I have met. I got to know her roommate, also a Catholic sister, and both of them are very intriguing. Since the very beginning, Sister Suzanne and I had the feeling that we understand each other very well. She also got super excited when she found out I am from Poland because her grandparents were Polish immigrants. Unfortunately, we have met just once so far because she is a very busy person, but the time we spent together was a blast. We have planned another visit for later in October, and it is going to be almost half a day, so we can catch up a little. I cannot wait to meet with her. I want to know more about her and her life.

Until the next time!

About Ewelina Bendyk

Ewelina Bendyk is an international student from Poland, majoring in psychology at St. Catherine University. This is her second major, already an english teacher in Poland with a B.A. in english philology. In the future she hopes to get a Ph.D. in psychology in order to help people, especially adolescents and children. Her dream is to make a difference in somebody's life and believes teachers have the best opportunity to do that. She is hopeful with a background in psychology she will be able to achieve her dreams. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Suzanne Herder, CSJ; a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet