Sister Maria Francis, LSP Oral History

Sister Maria Francis, LSP, is a Little Sister of the Poor from Samoa. She is actually Mother Maria Francis. She has been a Little Sisters of the Poor for 38 years and is currently in the Saint Paul, Minnesota community. She is originally from Samoa, a small island in the South Pacific Ocean, has traveled all over the world, and is trilingual. As a teenager, she was engaged in a community program called the Legion of Mary which worked with the sick and elderly. After her experiences with this organization she decided to join the congregation of Little Sisters of the Poor to continue her work with this population. Mother Maria Francis enjoys listening to classical music and reading, but overall she enjoys being around people and spreading the love of God.

Sister Maria Francis, LSP Oral History Transcript

About Fatima Calderon

Fatima Calderon is a senior majoring in english and hispanic studies at St. Catherine University. She is originally from Hayward, California, just a few minutes away from the San Francisco area. The youngest of seven children, she comes from a devoted Catholic family, and served as an altar server and community leader for catechism as a child. Fatima is both fluent in Spanish and English. One of her main interests is serving as an interpreter for the Latino community and she has been involved with many immigration organizations (Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota, PICO National Network, Oakland Community Organization, Catholic Charities, and Department of Human Rights of Minnesota) desiring to pursue a career continuing to help the immigrant population. On her spare time, she enjoys yoga, reading, and poetry. During the Spring of 2015 she was paired with Sister Maria Francis, LSP; a Little Sister of the Poor.