Sister Germaine Lichtle, CSA Oral History

Sister Germaine Lichtle, CSA has been a professed Sister of the Congregation of Saint Agnes in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for 70 years. Two years a novice and one year as a candidate. She also taught for 70 years in several schools around the country. She volunteers at St. Mary's Springs High School every day and tutors students. Many of her past students keep in touch with her well after they have graduated from the school. She brightens up a room with her smile, her positive thoughts, and her kind words. She is grateful for every day she has been given and gives thanks through her daily prayers. She keeps a prayer book with her, which holds her prayers and the pictures and names of people she will pray for every day. She tries to do her best in the things she does and tries to make the right choices for "Living a Life That Matters." Throughout her life she knew in her heart she never walked alone because God and her parents were with her.

Sister Germaine Lichtle, CSA Oral History Transcript

About Kelsey Westcott

Kelsey Westcott is a senior at Marian University studying human resources and health care administration. She spends her free time with family, friends, and the clubs she is involved in. One of her favorite things to do when visiting home is to play and cuddle with her dogs. Besides her love of animals, Kelsey has a thirst for knowledge and loves learning about different cultures around the world. She hopes to someday learn several foreign languages and travel to many countries. During the Spring of 2015 she was paired with Sister Germaine Lichtle, CSA; a Sister of the Congregation of Saint Agnes.