Sister Deborah Walter, CSA Oral History

Sister Deborah Walter, CSA has been a Sister of the Congregation of Saint Agnes for 45 years. People are drawn to those who have a good sense of humor and Sr. Deborah Walter CSA is one such person. She can listen even better than her extroverted nature will allow her to talk. She loves to tell a good story and her approachability proves welcoming even to people she has just met. A desire to serve paired with a background in psychology keeps her busy throughout numerous communities devoting her time and talents to the less privileged. Outside of the time she spends counseling, Sr. Deborah enjoys a good book or movie.

Sister Deborah Walter, CSA Oral History Transcript


About Katie Boehm

Katie Boehm is a senior theology major at Marian University with a minor in studio art and a certificate in leadership. She has a passion for giving great hugs and reminding women they are beautifully made. Katie has worked for Residence Life for three years and frequently stays up late to do arts and crafts that she ends up giving away. She plans on pursuing a master’s degree in theology to learn more about spirituality and Imago Dei. During the Spring of 2015 she was paired with Sister Deborah Walter, CSA; a Sister of the Congregation of Saint Agnes.