Let’s Talk About Love

Freed of typical documentary structure, Tanell Green shares a story of Sister Beth Lynn, OSC via spoken word and imagery of her community. Sister Beth was not always a sister; a fact Tanell Green understood newly when she realized Sister Beth had boyfriends and fell in love prior to choosing her path. In this film she shares what it means to fall in love and how love is a core of her being and ministry.

“Falling in love, I think, is very different than being in love. Falling in love is a real surprise. You don’t expect it to happen. And when it does happen, it’s like, ‘How could this be?’

I think falling in love might be a closer analogy to our experience of God than walking in love. My little story that I remember from my teenage years was I was working on the boardwalk, dreaming about swimming out to a yacht that my family could never afford. And climbing up--because I was so charming that they couldn’t resist me--and they’d take me on board and I’d be part of this yachting group. [laughs]

Of course that was just a dream. But I actually did fall in love. The first time and really the only time I was working in a concession called ‘Fascination.’ This young man walked in and said Hi, and finally he said ‘Can I take you on a break?’ And I said ‘Of course.’ [laughs]

It was very interesting. He was a college man, I was finishing high school. He had a Chevrolet convertible, dark blue, which he gave me whenever I wanted to use it. I met his family in Fresno, he met my family in Oakland. He was a wonderful human being and I pray that wherever he is today in the world he is blessed and happy.

But as soon as I made my choice between Gary and the life that we would have together, and choosing the life in the monastery, I knew I was at my right place. That that love of God that was the deepest longing of my being, was being fulfilled there. Even though there were difficult times, hard times when I would ask myself ‘how did I get into this situation,’ God was always there in this project we call living life to the full.”

Tanell Green

About Tanell Green

Tanell Green is a senior at St. Catherine University majoring in Communications studies and minoring in Philosophy. She is from Wayzata, Minn. She enjoys painting, film, music and crafts. Her favorite color is black and she love a good Mediterranean salad. During the Spring of 2014 she was paired with Sister Beth Lynn, OSC; a Franciscan Poor Clare.