"I was surprised how normal sisters are." It was important to Sister Vicky that with the holyness and mystique of sisters also comes the normalness of being a human being with good days and bad days. "Jesus was fully human too."


“I was surprised how normal sisters are. [Laughs] I don’t know what I quite expected. I think I had met sisters and there was sort of this mystique...There was this sense that they’re just amazing people (and they are) and there’s this sense of holy that they bring.

And they’re normal [laughs.] So, sisters have good days and bad days. Sisters have likes and dislikes. Sisters do things right and sisters screw things up. We are very normal, ordinary people in a lot of ways. When I think about the holiness in following the call to follow Christ, Jesus was fully human too. The way that Jesus reached out to people was through his humanness. His love for people and his forgiveness for other people had everything to do with meeting them where they were at--being with them in mud, being with them on the lake, being with them cutting open the fish at the end of the day. Jesus was someone who was with people, and with people in a way that brought the love of God present. I think to be extraordinary is like the extraordinary piece of being a sister.

A woman who was discerning once said to me that she didn’t think she could follow a call to be a sister because she had made a mistake in her life. I would say to that person: you may still be called. And not to say no on the basis of a past mistake. I think that would be an important piece that I would want people to hear.

The other piece that I would give people is that: there is plenty of time. God can work in a very gentle way, and a very relaxed way. If the call is of God, it will be hard (definitely) in the sense [that] it will take your entire self. That’s what vocation is: it’s a gift of entire self and at the same time, there’s just great peace in it, great joy in it, and a deep certitude that isn’t light and fluffy, it isn’t fleeting. It isn’t wild and crazy all of the time. It’s very calm and very authentic.

A simple way of saying it would be to say: be who you are, and that giftedness somehow plays into a vocation that you choose.”

Helen Garcia

About Helen Garcia

Helen Garcia majored in social work at St. Catherine University. She has a passion for social justice and movement in communities. In the future she hopes to work in policy and create changes to the system. During the Spring of 2014 she was paired with Sister Vicky Larson, PBVM; a Sister of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After completing her work as an oral historian she continued with SisterStory first as a production assistant and then oral history program assistant helping oversee the archive's development.