According to Sister Catherine Gerard Kirchner, OP

What impact can a sister have on your life? How do we come to love and appreciate another's perspective? In this presentation Sarah Torres presents a few of the insights and perspectives gleamed from her time with Sister Catherine Gerard Kirchner, OP and how they have changed her life moving forward from the oral history project.

About Sarah Torres

Sarah Torres is a sophomore nursing student at Caldwell University. She was born in Hackensack, New Jersey and grew up in Montville, New Jersey. She went through the Montville Township Public School System. In high school she played volleyball and began a volleyball program for children with special needs through the Pathways for Exceptional Children organization. She is a practicing catholic and very excited to shine a light on the great work of the Dominican Sisters! During the Spring of 2017 she was paired with Sister Catherine Gerard, OP; a Dominican Sister of Caldwell.