What is going on at SisterStory?

In this episode Rocky shares the piece she created for HearSay Prize 2015. The piece discusses the work currently being done at SisterStory and its larger significance.

Catholic Sisters. Telling their stories. Telling their stories through work created by college students. Telling their stories through podcasts created by college students. Telling their stories through podcasts created by women college students. At a women’s college.

Talk about niche within a niche market. . . several times over. For myself and my fellow producers at SisterStory that is what we do. There are three of us that create podcasts with our parameter being that we are centered around sharing the experiences of catholic sisters. Out of that has come five distinctly different podcast series. And with the podcast world being largely dominated by men this is a great solution to expanding perspectives.

According to an article posted by the current in June 2015, so just a few months ago, research has shown that only 22% of podcasts are hosted by women. Now, that is up 11% since a study conducted in 2013. Meaning that in 2013 there were only 11% of podcasts that were hosted by women. while this is of course progress there is still a disproportionate amount of women to men Hosting podcast.

For some people the things we talk about and out content if enough to kind of rope them in. Because we do talk about some very fascinating things, because that was our whole point. We’re trying to demystify the lives of these women who have done fantastic things in social justice that that’s appealing. For some people who get turned off by the mere mention of anything religious, catholicism, christianity or catholic sisters because of their perceptions of them there’s something else really attractive about what we do. It goes back to who’s creating these, how they’re creating them and the ways in which they are trying to say what they have to say. All three of us are young women who have very different and very distinct tastes, and we are working hard to create something that we enjoy, that is content wise really good, but also aesthetically really pleasing. And trying to expand our knowledge and expertise. It started out with this organization that was trying to change perspectives and developed into changing perspectives, but also opening wide opportunities to affect culture through giving more people a voice. Giving sisters a voice to represent themselves, and giving young women, college students a voice and a place to share their voice.

A lot of times the solution to the underrepresentation of any individual group is by putting them within the context that already exists that doesn’t represent them, and that’s where we’re different. We are sharing voices that aren’t regularly heard through those voices themselves. You have sisters talking about their experience talking about their experience. YOu have young women talking about their experience. And you have them engaging with each other trying to create a wider perspective within the culture, and that’s the unique. When it comes to the issue of underrepresentation I think we are at least part of the solution. We are in a niche market but we are doing something that is distinctly unique, and even if the religious aspect of it doesn’t appeal to you what we talk about and how we talk about it expands so much farther beyond that, that we are part of the solution. We are young women, which is an underrepresented group, we are college students, who are growing and therefore we are learning a skill we can let grow and work out from and we telling stories that aren’t normally being told.

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