(un)veiled: deconstructing the habit - exhibit tour with Molly Hazelton

Filming the creation of (un)veiled: deconstructing the habit proved to yield an expansive amount of valuable material and we are still working hard to produce what will eventually be the documentary of its making.

Until it's release, we at SisterStory wanted to provide a guided tour of the exhibit for those who could not attend.

About Molly Hazelton

Molly Hazelton is the site director of National Catholic Sisters Week, headquartered at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She credits her love, respect and admiration for Catholic sisters to her grandmother, Isabel, who was educated in nursing by the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph at Fanny Allen Hospital in Colchester, Vt. Molly is also a trained librarian, so please feel free to ask her for book recommendations.