Reflecting On My Time with Sister Ann

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Being the student translator for the National Catholic Sisters Project at Alverno College gave me the opportunity to read about many other student’s experiences with their sisters and the amazing connections that were made at every participatory institution. I can’t believe that it is now my turn to write about my own experience. It has been a pleasure getting to contribute to this amazing project and an even greater pleasure to have had Sister Ann for a boss.

She is one of the most compassionate, hardworking people I have ever met in my life. I always thought it was funny that we had such different personalities. Me: super energetic, her: so calm; Me: confrontational; her: a pacifist. Me: a master procrastinator; her: always so diligent, but we made it work and I learned a lot of great lessons from her. Lessons like the importance of a good diet. I remember her commenting to me on the last day of translating for the summer that I had made a huge leap from my lunch of Lay’s potato chips and Skittles from the first day I reported to work to a sandwich and soup on my last. I’ll always cherish our snack time together where we would partake in a delicious snack of clementines and just talk about life.

Getting the opportunity to work on this project helped me grow in my faith and dispel my own stereotypes that I had about nuns. Like many, the classic image I had in my head was that of a mean old lady who wore a habit and yelled at you, but sharing an office with one for the past seven months I came to realize that that is not true. Nuns rule the world. This project opened my eyes to the richness and the variety and the diversity within the sisterhood. These women rock it, honestly. They are involved in every issue imaginable and have more degrees than a thermometer. I have nothing but respect and a curiosity to know more.

Although I am sad that my time at Alverno and with the National Catholic Sisters Project is coming to a close, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity. I have no idea what awaits me or what surprises are lurking around the corner, but I am ready to face them head on thanks to the opportunities for growth that working on this project has allowed me.

About Sarai Melendez

Sarai Melendez is a senior global studies major at Alverno College with a minor in Spanish. She hopes to one day work for the consulate of the United States in Mexico. Hopefully the one in La Paz, Baja California so she be close to the Sea of Cortez. She loves being surrounded by nature and doing anything active. Her dream is to see the seven new wonders of the world. Sarai Melendez estudia estudios globales con un apoyo en español en Alverno College. Ella espera algún día trabajar para el consulado Estadounidense en México. Ojalá el que está localizado en La Paz, Baja California para estar cerca al Mar de Cortez. Le encanta estar rodeada de la naturaleza y hacer algo activo. Su sueño es ver a las siete nuevas maravillas del mundo.