#NCSW2016 Highlight: SisterStory Listening Party with KFAI

For #NCSW2016 and International Women's Day 2016 Rocky Pierson worked with the entire SisterStory team to craft an hour long look at the work we have been doing and why it is important. The hour was produced for KFAI, which has been celebrating International Women’s Day since 1989 with special broadcasting that provides opportunities for women’s and girls’ voices and issues to be heard on the airwaves. All of the shows are produced and hosted by women and girls from the Twin Cities. Featuring every student who has produced a podcast for SisterStory, this is not only a wonderful look back, but a positive representation of the diverse voices and opportunities enabled by SisterStory and the valuable stories of women religious they are able to share.


SisterStory Presents: Cover Art

About SisterStory Presents:

SisterStory Presents: is a collective podcast for work without a series for a home. One-offs, mini-series, short audio clips, and anything in-between; this podcast serves as a point of connection for SisterStory and the various audiences we serve.