Man-made rules vs. The Golden Rule

My sister is one of the few people I have encountered who agrees there is a difference between spirituality and religion. One of the things we touched on in our discussion was that in today's society, Christianity as whole has many man-made rules that get in the way of one's connection with God. When I reflected on our conversation, I concluded that outside of the Biblical lessons, the big ideas or goal in religion is to be kind and treat other people right. Unfortunately, both in the past and present, religious people tend to miss the lesson about loving thy neighbor and simply living honestly. 

One thing I found shocking about my sister was that before she made her final vows she took a break to define what religion was to her. She went to school to study theology and spirituality before returning to her community to teach. However, during her break she continued to work at Little Earth housing projects, giving back to the community.

I was curious how the Native community received her, due to their past relationships with Catholicism. She told me that she definitely had to prove her intentions, but over time people came to separate her from that ugly part of the Catholic Church’s history.

Elaine is very opened-minded for a religious person, in my opinion.

About Za’Nia Coleman

Za’Nia Coleman is a freshman majoring in apparel design at St.Catherine University. At the end of her high school career, she got introduced to editing film. Now, working with SisterStory, she gets to expand her understanding of film and enhance her interviewing skills while fulfilling her curiosity regarding history and people’s individual stories. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Elaine LaCanne, OP; a Sinsinawa Dominican. After completing her work as an oral historian she continued to work for SisterStory as a production assistant, helping create a number of promotional videos and assisting in the collection of oral histories for other students.