The influence of family

In my conversations with Sister Mary Kay, I enjoyed learning about her family and its influence on a person's spirituality and life path. Sister Mary Kay shared her early memories of her uncle, a Franciscan priest. Based on how she describes him, he had a dynamic personality filled with love towards kids and everyone -- and most importantly, filled with the love of God.

“What I remember the most about him was that whenever he talked about God, it wasn’t the kind of punishment or judgement kind of thing," she told me. "He really focused on the loving side. And every time you left the house you received a blessing.”

She also shared that from his many mission trips he’d always bring back tasteful gifts, such as a beautiful painting or a cross. She remembers someone in the family once gifted him a beautiful sports jacket for Christmas, which he wore and liked very much. After some time of seeing him and not wearing it, the gift giver asked him about it. His response: "Someone needed it, so I gave it to them."  

Sister Mary Kay is a spiritual director at the Dominican Center at Marywood, and our conversations always gravitate towards conversations of Christ and his love. Family can truly influence our life path and our direction, and it’s wonderful to look back and recognize those special family members who shaped us.

About Rosa Lozano

Rosa Lozano is a junior majoring in Communication with a minor in Theology and Women’s Studies at Aquinas College, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has worked as a community organizer in urban communities helping to connect families and children with educational opportunities. Because of this she hopes to be able to help share the stories of resiliency, faith and commitment of those individuals who are seldom asked about their journey. During the Spring of 2019 she was paired with Sister Mary Kay Oosdyke, OP; a Grand Rapids Dominican Sister.