First Impressions

Sister Tanya Williams, OP

When I first met Sister Tanya from the Sinsinawa Congregation, one of my first impressions was that she was so friendly and lovely with me. She was always smiling and laughing during our conversation, which made me feel very comfortable with her. Not only was she so open explaining her life (since she was born), but she also shared with me all her experiences and her stories as being part of the Sinsinawa Congregation.

My second impression was that she was completely different from the sisters I was used to seing in my Catholic high school, as far as the dressing aspect goes. Those sisters were not allowed to wear whatever they wanted; they had to wear long skirts and long sleeved shirts. Instead, Sister Tanya is not so restricted in the way she dresses; she is allowed to dress in whatever she wants. 

My third impression was that Sister Tanya keeps busy. In addition to her job as sister, she has two other jobs. She works as an Employment Specialist in the Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners and also as a Work Readiness Instructor in the Hennepin County at the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Adult Corrections Facility.

For me, knowing her is being such a pleasure, not only have I learned so many things from her and her congregation during these weeks, but I’m having the opportunity to share her story in the future.

Caterina Taronna

About Caterina Taronna

Caterina Taronna is a first year international student from Caracas, Venezuela, majoring in nutrition and dietetics at St Catherine’s University. Her career goal is to become a clinical nutritionist and to work with adults and children who have diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions that result from limited access to healthy food choices. Caterina speaks 3 languages fluently and believes that trilingual abilities will enhance her personal and professional opportunities. Some of her hobbies that she enjoys are taking pictures of nature and animals, editing them using some computer programs that enhance color and clarity. During the Fall of 2014 she was paired with Sister Tanya Williams, OP; a Sinsinawa Dominican.