Feeling like an outsider

When I first applied to the SisterStory Program, I was highly intrigued yet confused. Most of my friends applied to be a part of this program, so I decided I wanted to get involved as well.

On the first day, we got to meet all the sisters who are part of the program. I was extremely nervous because I am a shy person and I did not not how to approach the sisters. Adding to my uncertainty was the fact that I had never met a nun before. I come from a completely different religious background, therefore I was a bit intimidated. Most of the girls who are part of the program follow the same religion as the sisters, so I felt like an outsider.

A couple hours later, I was assigned to Sister Eleanor. I felt extremely excited to be working with her because I felt that she and I had connected the most. What really drew me to Sister Eleanor was her intelligence. Sister Eleanor is a very dedicated, intelligent women. She went into ministry at such a young age and completed her degree at the same time. I can barely juggle a part-time job and school. It amazes me the level of dedication she puts into her faith.

Although she and I believe in different faiths, we can still see each other as just ordinary humans. We do not need to put a title on each other -- "Oh, she is a Muslim, while I am a Catholic nun." To me, she is Sister El -- a friend and an inspiration.

I am so grateful I embarked on this beautiful project. I got to learn about another faith and be inspired by someone. Sister El is the sweetest person. She is always by my side, congratulating me when I reach my goals. If it were not for this project, I would have never made a new friend!

About Anwar Khalil

Anwar Khalil is a second semester sophomore at Caldwell University. She is going for a biology degree and a minor in Chemistry. She aspires to be Pediatric Oncologist. After her third year, she will apply to Medical Schools. At Caldwell University, she is part of the Health profession club, math club and Circle K. She is also a member of the Day Ambassador Program. During her free time, she loves volunteering and giving back to the underprivileged. During the Spring of 2018 she was paired with Sister Eleanor Uhl, OP; a Dominican Sister of Caldwell.