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December 03, 2014
I interviewed my sister, Jill Underdahl, on Nov. 6. This marked the second attempt of my partner and me to film the interview. The first time my... Read More
Bakery Sign
November 25, 2014
I set out to meet Sister Barb for her cookie bake sale on a snowy Saturday morning. Upon arriving, I was directed to a room filled with about six... Read More
Black and White Books
November 14, 2014
The library has always beckoned me, invited me and welcomed me into its quiet, ordered world. The Sueltenfuss Library at Our Lady of the Lake... Read More
Community, Prayer
Candy Wrappers
November 11, 2014
October was a beautiful month. I continue to enjoy meeting with Sister Marie on the weekends and catching up on how our weeks have gone. Three... Read More
November 06, 2014
My sister is one of the few people I have encountered who agrees there is a difference between spirituality and religion. One of the things we... Read More
Community, Education
Lord is My Light Glass
November 05, 2014
The day finally arrived! Today I met Sister Misty for dinner.  I barely noticed the heavy 5 o’clock traffic due to the beautiful clear blue... Read More
Community, Prayer
November 05, 2014
About a month ago, I had my interview with Sister Elsa. I was very pleased with how the interview turned out. Sister Elsa did more than just answer... Read More
Community, Education
November 04, 2014
Growing up, I was not religious. However, when I visited my grandmother, I went to church. I haven't been in a church in more than nine years, so as... Read More
Sweet Honey in the Rock
November 03, 2014
The O'Shaughnessy auditorium filled up swiftly on October 16.  The audience quickly quieted as a smooth, sultry voice came over the speakers... Read More
Community, Prayer
October 31, 2014
When I first came to St. Catherine University, I thought all Catholic sisters or nuns wore habits, were strict and try to force their religion onto... Read More
Community, Education
October 30, 2014
I am an international student from Poland, and before I came to Minnesota, I knew I would have to have a job on campus, however, I did not expect to... Read More
October 29, 2014
Even though I am familiar with most of the Sisters of the Congregation of Divine Providence, Sister Pearl was the exception. I had seen her around a... Read More
Community, Education
October 28, 2014
A few weeks ago, I got to meet the sisters who are participating in the oral-history project with us. Of course, I knew a few already because I have... Read More
Community, Education
October 28, 2014
Written with Sister Kathy Lundwall, SCSJA When young women considering religious life today are asked about their concerns, they say obedience.... Read More
Sister Tanya Williams, OP
October 27, 2014
When I first met Sister Tanya from the Sinsinawa Congregation, one of my first impressions was that she was so friendly and lovely with me. She was... Read More
Community, Education
October 22, 2014
Sister Barb and I have now met a grand total of three times and, while bonding over Skittles, fruit and gummy candy, we have learned quite a bit... Read More
Community, Education
Sister Misty Garriga, CDP
October 17, 2014
Hot off the press: I have been paired up with Sister Misty Garriga, a contemporary woman, who recently professed her vows and calls the Congregation... Read More
October 16, 2014
Prior to starting this project, I had thought very little about Catholic sisters or the role they play. The first time I met a Catholic sister was in... Read More
October 15, 2014
I meet Sister Kathy McLaughlin for the first time. That morning I meet her in her apartment in Carondelet Village right next to campus. I arrived... Read More
October 14, 2014
I was raised Roman Catholic and grew up going to Mass every weekend.  Even though I was raised Catholic, I was not sure what to expect... Read More

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