SisterStory is the ongoing story of National Catholic Sisters Week. A national campaign aimed at broadening awareness of Catholic sisters. Who are Catholic sisters? What are their lives like? What impact have they had over the course of American history? What difference do they make today?

Our intention is to demystify religious life – the vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience, the experience of living in community, the desire to belong totally to God – by sharing the stories of Catholic sisters. We aim to connect sisters with young women and to share their impressions in an authentic, first-person 20-something voice.

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SisterStory Blog

Feb 23, 2015
by Alexa Harnagel

I have to admit that while writing this blog post I was attached to it...

Feb 20, 2015
by Lily Jacobson

What resonated with me in the episode "Habitual Habit Humans" featuring...

Feb 17, 2015
by Lily Jacobson

“Barrier Breaker” featuring Sister...

Student Blogs

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by Ewelina Bendyk

In this episode of Here's My Secret Alicia speaks with Ewelina Bendyk...

Feb 25, 2015
by Lily Jacobson

A collection of materials related to the oral history of Sister Jean...

Feb 16, 2015
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In this episode of Here's My Secret Alicia speaks with Helen Garcia who...